Chung Maa Machinery Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in Malaysia which is actively involved in supplying machinery for wood working machinery through out East Malaysia since 1974.

We had brought in numerous machines for sawmills, furniture factories and plywood factories all over East Malaysia. We also help our customers to export their products such as sawn timber, finger- jointed product, laminated board, parquet and outdoor furniture.

Now, with more than 20 years of experience and nearly 30 employees, we are one of the leading companies in East Malaysia specializing in supplying machines for both solid wood and panel processing industries.

At Chung Maa, we always introduce the best machine to our customers. Best machine does not mean the most expensive one but it is the machine that best suit our customers' needs. We always study our customers' needs before we recommend them a machine to ensure that this is the optimal machine for them and their investment is gaining lucrative return.

For customers who are new in wood working business, we can even recommend them from whole line of machinery to factory layout. We also provide them consultancy services such as what machine to buy, what tools to use, what product they should produce and what is the market that they should target.

From years of experience, we know that after sales service is playing as important role as sales. We always believe that our job is not finish by handing over the machine to our customers. We continue to ensure that the machine is running all the time and our customers can make profit with it. To better serve our customers, we have branches and subsidiary all over major towns in East Malaysia. This has brought us very near to our customers which ensures that our customers can reach us anytime when they need our help.

Over the past few years, we had successfully completed many projects in East Malaysia as well as in oversea such as China, Cambodia, New Zealand, Central America and Soloman Island.

These projects include:

  1. Sawmill plant
  2. Solid door production line
  3. Engineered door line
  4. Finger joint production line
  5. Block board production line
  6. Moulding line
  7. Solid parquet production line
  8. Outdoor furniture plant


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